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Also, I suggest using the ‘dot operator’ to ‘vectorize’ them so that they do element-by-element operations instead of matrix operations (since it seems ode15s. Learn more about ode15s, function handle, pde, ode MATLAB Matlab ode45 use MATLAB(R) to solve a previously defined system, f, with ODE45 ode15s use MATLAB(R) to solve a previously defined system, f, with ODE15s Calling Sequence Parameters Description Examples Calling Sequence ode45( f , Trange , IC ) ode45( Limex, lsode, cvode, ida are codes I have compared to ode45 and ode15s over the years and found the Matlab codes to hold up. So, I think you are stuck from the integrator standpoint. My only comment would be try running your parameter maybe 5 times, say at the min, max and three intermediate points to see if you can minimize that 25,000 runs.

Ode15s vs ode45

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Because it is a one-step solver, it may be more efficient than ode15s at crude tolerances. options can be used as a fourth input argument to ode45, ode23, ode113, ode15s, ode23s, ode23t, ode23tb, or ode15i. Tips. See Summary of ODE Examples and Files for a list of ODE examples that illustrate the use of various options. Extended Capabilities.

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or problems that involve a mass matrix, Optionally, it can use the backward differentiation formulas (BDFs, also known as Gear's method) that are usually less efficient. Like ode113, ode15s is a multistep solver. Use ode15s if ode45 fails or is very inefficient and you suspect that the problem is stiff, or when solving a … Basically the modelling is solving differential equations hence I'm trying to use ODE45. However, the solving seems running forever vp and vs are the frequencies of the pump laser and signal laser.

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Ode15s vs ode45

as well as use either ode15s or ode23s. 1 time step is $\tau$ s, one length step is $10^{-15}$ m, one voltage step is $10^{-10}$.

Ode15s vs ode45

jean dnc on 22 Oct 2017. Vote. 0 ⋮ Vote. 0. Commented: Vidya shree V on 19 Jun 2020 Octave ode45 vs. Matlab ode45.
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For differential equations with smooth solutions, ode45 is often more accurate than ode23. In fact, it may be so accurate that the interpolant is required to provide the desired resolution. That's a good thing. If you want to integrate the stiff equation dydt=1E2*(1-y)*y ODE45 will make large and very tiny steps but the output will be the same, for the later you should use ode15s because ODE45 can't handle stiff systems.

ode15s is efficient for stiff problems. Try this solver if ode45 fails or is inefficient. ode23s (stiff/Mod.
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This should be the first solver you [t,y] = ode15s(odefun,tspan,y0),where tspan = [t0 tf], integrates the system of differential equations . y ' = f (t, y).

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This is controlled by the 'Refine' option, which has a value of 4 for ode45 and 1 for all other solvers.